Our mission here at Foundryy is to help trades businesses thrive.

Whether you're an aspiring contractor or experienced professional, we can all agree that building a business is a different animal than honing a craft.

You've spent a career refining your trade, but building a successful business requires more than expert craftsmanship. Accounting, bookkeeping, billing, talent management, customer acquisition...the list of needs is endless and until now only the School of Hard Knocks has offered a curriculum.

At Foundryy, we want to see your business thrive because when you're better off, we're all better off.

When you're creating new jobs and growing incomes, our families benefit.

When you can take on more projects, customers see results sooner.

When you build great things, our communities are a little safer and a little prettier.

It's hard work, but we can't stop now.

The greatest challenge with any big project is just getting started. Foundryy helps you take the leap by breaking down complex things into more manageable steps to make your business dreams a reality.

If you've ever considered starting your own trades business, then you're a contractor-in-waiting. Often, there's only one thing holding us back from taking the leap: fear.

Fear of letting down your family and friends.

Fear of failure, from not having enough resources, credible information, support, or guidance to make your contractor's dream a reality.

Fear is real, and it's powerful. However, something equally powerful beats fear every time: wisdom.  

Wisdom represents the intersection of experience, knowledge, and judgment.

It's hard-earned, gritty, and worn by time. Wisdom comes from making mistakes - lots of them - and it's one of the most valuable assets a contractor can have.

So why not just borrow some wisdom from another successful contractor?

If you think about it, other contractors out there have experienced the same fear or challenge as you. And they have already learned to conquer it and continue building their contracting business.

What if you could sit down with them and hear about their experiences and their mistakes?  


What if you had a contractor's playbook already sitting in front of you to help ensure you didn’t make the same mistakes?  


Would this help you conquer your fear and move you past being a contractor-in-waiting?

There are many learning platforms out there to help you on your journey, but there's only one platform built with you in mind - the contractor.

Why focus on the trades?

Because you were the first...the original...the pioneer.

What was mankind's very first industry? You guessed it - construction.

Cavemen built tools to hunt, develop shelters, and create fire. Without construction, we wouldn't get very far.

Take a look around, wherever you are right now. Almost everything that you see was built by a tradesperson.

Our society, communities, and way of life are all built by the trades.‍

But somewhere along the road we forgot.

Schoolchildren are taught to "work with your brains, not with your hands." White collar gets more attention and respect than blue collar. And people are knocking down the doors to get into medicine, law, technology, and finance...but not construction.

All are great pursuits by the way, just like that last one.‍

So we believe it's time to remember again who the pioneer was, and to get back to building things.

That's where Foundryy comes in.

We're an online education platform that provides the formal skills you need to build a successful business in the trades. With the resources available on our platform, you’ll gain the expertise needed to run a successful back office, expand your brand and marketing, and build a high-talent organization.

Foundryy provides access to high quality, on-demand digital courses offering the knowledge to simplify your business operations.  No more time wasted learning half-truths down the Google rabbit-hole.

Our domain experts will walk you through all the steps needed to run the business side of things so you can have your time back to focus on what you do best - your trade.

All you need is your experience, a willingness to work your hardest, and a bit of shared wisdom.

We're here to help. Welcome to Foundryy.

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