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The question is not what you’re capable of, the question is what can you do with what you’re capable of.
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Hey there, future founder

You know the 9-5 isn’t for you and you’re ready to make a change

You dream about the day you can drop the soul-sucking 9-5 of corporate America (you know the place that leaves you covered in a sludge-dunked blanket) to start your own business.  BUT you don’t know where to start, or how to handle the uncertainty and overwhelm of entrepreneurship. That’s where Foundryy comes in.

Let's get real

We don’t sell you on the dream, we teach you how to own it

Everyone’s had a million-dollar idea at some point. Having the idea is the easy part. The hard part is turning that idea into dollars. And that’s where Foundryy comes in. We’re not here to sell you on a work-from-the-beach 4-hour-a-week fantasy. We’re here to help you launch the right way. And to help you achieve YOUR dream.

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Get the foundation and support you need to build a life of freedom + fulfillment

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direction and guidance

Starting a new business is like climbing a mountain. On Everest, people hire out sherpas. In Foundryy, we bring you the best wisdom and actionable advice from experienced business owners and experts in their fields.

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Inescapable accountability

When you join Foundryy, you’re not just thrown into the deep end to figure out how to swim. We routinely check your progress. And there’s always a real human on the other side of any text, post, or email we send out.

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support network

Launching your own business or even asking for a raise are difficult. They bring up uncertainty, fear, doubt, anxiety —and it can be brutal! But with Foundryy, you’ll have a 24/7 support network to help alleviate those entrepreneurial woes.

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